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Our Values

We care for the environment and aim to prevent further deterioration and destruction.
We leave a minimal carbon footprint.
The salt in our olives comes from the Karoo and is not chemically treated.
We use only naturally fermented vinegar which contains no sulphur.
The olive oil we use is extra virgin, cold pressed.
Herbs are grown in our herb garden on the farm and no pesticides, chemicals or hormones are used in any part of the growing process.
We recycle wherever possible and use high quality recyclable or re-usable containers.
No chemicals or preservatives are used in the curing process.
Our stuffed olives contain only natural ingredients.
Compost is made using our organic waste and we line the paths of our herb garden with olive pips.
The factory uses biodegradable cleaning materials, no products containing chlorine.
We encourage mutual respect and harmony in our working environment and are passionate about our products.


About Us

My story began in 1990 when I had to look after a few buckets of curing olives for my Jewish landlady. The olives had a wonderful yeasty smell - like bread dough proofing - just before it has to... Read more.



Get in touch

  • Delvera Farm, R44, Stellenbosch
  • +27 (0)21 884 4787
  • +27 86 726 1370 (fax)

GPS coordinates:
33°50’56’33‘S, 18°51’23’41’E

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